Brunette Babe Charli Delu in Sexy Lingerie

Charli Delu is a brunette babe and Only Silk and Satin model that has many passions. The gorgeous brunette loves to shop, workout, read, cook and play the piano. When she saw that the Only Silk and Satin studios had a set with a baby grand piano Charli squealed with excitement since she loves to play. We did let her play the piano but not until she first took some sexy pictures of her in her some satin lingerie and silky stockings. Wearing a satiny beige camisole and silky mini skirt with shiny stockings and high heels, Charli looks like she’s ready for some very naughty behaviour. Charli poses sexily near the piano and begins to perform a very eye-popping strip tease that leaves her wearing nothing more than her silky stockings and shiny camisole. Enough of her beautiful body can be seen through her camisole and she begins to crawl naughtily over to the couch to get more comfortable.

Charli spreads those long legs and looks into the camera with her best come hither look and I will the bet that the photographer that took these images must have felt some stirring of desire. A man would have to be dead to not feel anything when looking at the gorgeous model Charli Delu and those high heels look hot as hell on her making her legs appear even longer. After her photo shoot she got to play some of her favorite classical music and she wowed us with her undeniable talent for playing the piano. Charli is one of the hottest Only Silk and Satin models and her growing fan base is testament to that! Any lover of sexy brunette models and hot curvaceous babes will love these scorching hot lingerie pictures of Charli!

Hot Lingerie Babe Bebe is Playful

Bebe is one gorgeous model and hot brunette babe that the folks at Only Silk and Satin just had to add to their collection of sexy models sporting hot stockings. Bebe was discovered by an Only Silk and Satin producer and he had to offer the raven-haired beauty a job as a lingerie model the moment he laid eyes on her. Bebe was very shy and wasn’t sure how much skin she wanted to reveal in these erotic lingerie photos but was later convinced when they told her how much money she would be making. Bebe happily accepted the job and soon became an Only Silk and Satin model and loved the attention she was getting from a growing fan base. Bebe looks amazing in this hot lingerie photo gallery as she dons her silky pantyhose and satiny camisole

Bebe is a busty babe and has got all the right curves in all the right places so it’s easy to imagine what she might look like in the nude and that’s all of the fun right there! Bebe has an all-natural appeal once the camera is pointed in her direction and gives off a sultry look that exudes pure sexiness in these very steamy Only Silk and Satin pictures. Her beautiful ass can bring tears to anyone’s eyes and Bebe seems to love showing off her gorgeous body. Her shyness has begun to abate and now she seems to be coming out of her shell some more. The more confidence she builds with each silk and satin image she takes the hotter the erotic pictures become. If you’re a big follower of hot brunette babes in stockings then you’re going to simply fall into lust with Bebe!